Midiboek10 for Windows.

Since many years hobbyists as well the professional world has been used Midiboek, a computer programm wherewith a template can be printed for cardboard books and music rolls. originally written in Quick-Basic for DOS and later fitted for Windows. Windows evoluated and Midiboek has survived already many versions. Unfortunately this can not continue for ever. The develop environment was still from the Windows 98 period and time will tell when Microsoft will end supporting software which has been made with this environment. Piet Paardekam has asked me to let grow Midiboek and make it suitable for the nowadays develop environment. This means that the source coude had to be modified on several places. Also some functionalities had to be removed for upper standing reason. For the continuation and future growth of Midiboek, the settings have been replaced to separate screens ans see here the result of it:

At the first sight Midiboek10 has kept the basic functions: selecting a midi file, selecting the corresponding Gamma file, the translation and finally the printing of the file including a preview. For the sequence of the steps to be taken, the steps have been numbered. All other functions are now in separate screens un the menu bar. Further Midiboek has got an extra output in making a Gcode file, which is a standard for computer driven machines. In the near future Midiboek will get some more extra functions. Which one? That will be a secret for the moment.

- Create Gcode file, which is a standard for computer driven machines.
- Create DXF file. For plotters and cutting machines.
- Summary midi files. Making a summary of detailed information of your midi files,
such as format, duration, length in mm, copyright etc.
- Tool to change midifiles from format1 to format0. Handy for users of midiplayers.

System requirements:
Although Midiboek10 has been written first for Windows10, I have decided to make the software also suitable for Windows XP and all between laying versions. .NET 2.0 or more recent and Adobe Reader should be present in the computer. Check for this the installed software on the control panel.

Download of Midiboek10:
The download link can be obtained through below standing email address:
Mention in your email that you want the link for Midiboek10. Attention: your email address will be saved to inform you, when there are new versions available of Midiboek10. Please mention the name of your country in your email so that i have an impression where in the world it is being used.

Gammas for Midiboek10 can be downloaded here