Simply making a paper reel.

In the most crank organ description plans, the description of making a paper reel is missing, on which the paper strip with holes is winded. Although such reel is available on several places, it is cheap and easy to make an own paper reel.

What we need is 4 mm thick plywood, beech wood 20 mm thick, a 111mm wide PVC tube (1 mm more than the paper width) with a diameter of about 25 mm and two hexagonal screws (DIN912 ISO 4762) M6 x 16. Buy more when you want to make more reels. .

We saw two cricles with a diameter of 80 mm out of the plywood. In the middle we drill a hole of 5 mm. With a hole saw we saw two small wheels with a diameter, which is equal to the inner diameter of the tube.

In a electric drill we place a wire rod of 5 mm so that we can treat the plywood disc. With a high revolution and sand paper we round the side rim of the disc and polish the side walls of the disc.

Now we have treated every single part, we can start with glueing.

The round wheels will be glued with wood glue exactly in the middle of the plywood disc.

When the glue is dry place the plywood/wheel construction in the tube and fasten it with glue.

Finally the hexagonal screws will be placed (eventually with glue so that it fits very well. This is necessary for the forces being used during rewinding the paper strip.