Who is Walter Höffle.

As a former manager of the truck division of Mercedes Benz, Walter managed a design department. In that time his hobby was modelling and he has build an exact copy on scale of a Mercedes truck. During his work he has learned to make first a drawing of his ideas and then make them. When he was 55 years old, he retired and got the idea to chose home organ building as a hobby.

After making these organs his interests focussed on little crank organs. A concept was mad on the computer and build after. The construction drawings were completed with text and so the first crank organ plan was created of his little organ..

One organ was not enough and soon he made more. Some of them are MIDI driven.

Walter wrote also a construction plan about a 20 key MIDI driven crank organ. This organ has 5 registers: stopped, stopped vribrato, wood picolo, violin and quint. This book is only in German available and can be obtained at: Hobbycrankorgan